Baobab Oil 50 ml



Known as the emblem of Senegal, the Baobab is a robust and sacred tree that can reach up to 25 meters high and 20 meters in circumference.
The Baobab has a slow growth and an exceptional longevity that can reach more than 2500 years, and grows mainly in the dry zones of the Sahel, and more particularly in Senegal.
The Baobab fruit is mainly known for its taste that is both tangy and sweet. The seeds from the fruit are cold pressed to obtain this precious oil.


Low in greasy and very penetrating, Baobab oil nourishes dry hair and dry skin. It soothes and heals all skin types, and is a great ally against eczema and irritation.
The precious Baobab oil reduces wrinkles, prevents skin aging and promotes its elasticity.
Suitable for the whole family and nourishes baby’s skin. Ideal to prevent the red buttocks of our little ones, or offer them a gentle and soothing massage.


Rich in vitamin A, C, D and E, Baobab oil is full of essential fatty acids that promote skin regeneration, while containing great antioxidant power.
Baobab oil is also a natural treatment protecting against the sun’s rays.

Our Baobab oil is 100% natural and made in Senegal.


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