White hibiscus flowers (bissap) 100g




Hibiscus, also called Guinea sorrel, is a herbaceous plant native to Africa that grows in tropical areas. Can reach up to 3 meters high, it is a plant composed of green or red leaves commonly called sorrels and eaten with fish. Its flowers, made up of five petals, offer a gradation of colors ranging from white to red, passing through yellow and pink.



National drink of Teranga, the hibiscus called Bissap in Senegal is consumed in hot or cold drink. With its tangy and sweet taste, bissap can be drunk very well in a refreshing drink, in infusion, and is often used in Senegalese dishes based on fish such as Kaldou or Thieboudienne.



The essential to treat hypertension naturally!!

Hibiscus flower is rich in vitamin C and iron.
In addition to being a delicious drink, bissap or karkadé juice is scientifically known to lower blood pressure effectively and naturally.

Recognized and acclaimed by the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority), bissap juice is a natural diuretic which increases urinary secretions which contribute to lowering cholesterol and fighting diabetes.
Consumed regularly, bissap juice or infusion reduces the risk of stroke, is an excellent antiseptic and antioxidant.
In addition, the bissap is an excellent slimming and toning.

Our bissap is 100% natural, harvested by hand and dried in the sun. 100% Senegalese products.


To consume without moderation in cold drink or infusion.


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